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Electronaut's diary

17/2/2003   Goodbye cars - you suckers!   by Sarah
  Yay, congestion charging - it's ace. Bethnal Green was eerily silent this morning.
Still getting technical musical things sorted out at the moment, but think that we're nearly there with all th ...  read more

8/1/2003   It's snowing...   by Sarah
  All over Hoxton, it's snowing. Everything looks completely bizarre. People at work were late for meetings this morning because they were on the roof making snow people. And then college was cancell ...  read more

4/11/2002   Worrry   by Sarah
  Well, it seems that we're still on the venue hunt for RetroElectro, but in the meantime, just about every club now is using the phrase in its ads, so it can go down in history as the most influential ...  read more

8/10/2002   Shoreditch   by Sarah
  This morning while walking through Shoreditch, I was passed by an army armoured personnel carrier. Maybe they should invade Shoreditch instead of Iraq? What exactly was an armoured personnel carrier ...  read more

23/9/2002   well...   by root
  well, who wanted a diary? :)

19/9/2002   Feeding the diary   by Sarah
  So I'm the one that's meant to feed this thing then I see (from the Forum)! How unfair. I don't know how I feel about having a public diary anyway. I stopped having one at all for ages. Life goes ...  read more

28/8/2002   Flat hunting, Ladyfest, and Retro Electro   by Sarah
  Back to London, and I'm having to spend my time trying to find somewhere to live. The other day we were gazumped - I had no idea that could happen in the rentals market, ick. Bloody agents, they're ...  read more

2/8/2002   Holidays and gigs...   by Sarah
  Tomorrow we get to play in Ladyfest which is pretty cool. I was picking an outfit to wear last night, which proved to be challenging. What do you wear to a gig in the afternoon I wonder? I went for ...  read more

8/7/2002   Spitting spreads disease you know   by Sarah
  I have a talent for encountering weirdos as I think is becoming apparent in this diary. First at Sainsbury's the man in front of us in the queue spends 5 minutes telling me that he's seen people brin ...  read more

8/7/2002   and then I did nothing...   by Louisa
  I wrote a long diary entry last week, got distracted half way through, and when I went back to my computer, I had been disconnected and lost the whole thing. I didn't have the energy to re write it. I ...  read more

3/7/2002   Mr Popstar rules OK   by Sarah
  Went to see Pete Um (see links for info...) play at an impossibly trendy bar yesterday night (93 Feet East) surrounded by the Hoxton intelligentsia and he did a really cool gig. Some bloke came up to ...  read more

17/6/2002   Sherwood and green contact lenses   by Sarah
  Saturday has to be one of the most bizarre days of late. The aim - to go and see Pulp in Sherwood Pines near Nottingham. So we set off as usual from the back of beyond in Clapham and nearly missed t ...  read more

13/6/2002   York not New York   by Sarah
  Latest excursion has been for 4 days to York. I think that York must be one of the few places in the country that likely has a worse nightlife than Cambridge - but I might be wrong. Maybe we should ...  read more

27/5/2002   his name is Andy, and we are writing songs   by Sarah
  Now that Louisa can do it, I can too, entry for diary. The guy in Cardiff is called Andy and he has something called Slow Graffiti and they have club nights and all that - I would certainly go if I w ...  read more

25/5/2002   in between the bookshelves   by Louisa
  I have been informed by various sources, that the 'people' (whoever the hell they are) eagerly await new installments of the Pretty diary, regularly check the website, and leave sorely disappointed ...  read more

17/5/2002   Liverpool, not the leaving of   by Sarah
  Today is a good day since I get to go up to Liverpool for the weekend, and see the river and not be in London.
Everyone has been mad down here over the past few days - the heat makes them loopy a ...  read more

6/5/2002   Say NO to bodybuilding   by Sarah
  Louisa, just say NO to bodybuilding, it would be unbecoming...! I don't think that ball gown + arnie muscles would be a good combination.
Pretty got to play to electro people, and we were loud w ...  read more

5/5/2002   sore head - entirely my own fault   by Louisa
  I've just got back from London after the gig with Fosca and RIviera, and am feeling quite ill. I think the night was a resounding success, maybe not the best gig we've ever done, and most people seeme ...  read more

4/5/2002   I hate nu metal   by Louisa
  Oooh, exciting new diary. I've forgotten all the instructions that were given to me about new lines, so this might come out as one long incoherant mess (*). Never mind.
Just been to a so called ...  read more

3/5/2002   Retro Electro and The New Deal for Astronauts   by susan
  Well, Retro Electro was fun, although my back still hurts from moving equipment. It's kind of strange now it's over, I've not been thinking about much else for the last month or so. We've got this gig ...  read more

2/5/2002   Retro Electro - I love it   by Sarah
  Writing this while at work, not quite falling asleep from the massively late night carrying around PA systems and then getting the train back to London this morning - but it's all worth it! The Vichy ...  read more

25/4/2002   Hello - we have a diary...   by Sarah
  We have the technology ... to have a diary. This is all thanks to wondrous Colin the web designer! So now we scarily have a place to tell you (whoever you happen to be) what's going on in the world ...  read more


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