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Electronaut's diary

17/2/2003   Goodbye cars - you suckers!   by Sarah
  Yay, congestion charging - it's ace. Bethnal Gree ...  read more

8/1/2003   It's snowing...   by Sarah
  All over Hoxton, it's snowing. Everything looks c ...  read more

4/11/2002   Worrry   by Sarah
  Well, it seems that we're still on the venue hunt ...  read more

8/10/2002   Shoreditch   by Sarah
  This morning while walking through Shoreditch, I w ...  read more

23/9/2002   well...   by root
  well, who wanted a diary? :)

19/9/2002   Feeding the diary   by Sarah
  So I'm the one that's meant to feed this thing the ...  read more

28/8/2002   Flat hunting, Ladyfest, and Retro Electro   by Sarah
  Back to London, and I'm having to spend my time tr ...  read more

2/8/2002   Holidays and gigs...   by Sarah
  Tomorrow we get to play in Ladyfest which is prett ...  read more

8/7/2002   Spitting spreads disease you know   by Sarah
  I have a talent for encountering weirdos as I thin ...  read more

8/7/2002   and then I did nothing...   by Louisa
  I wrote a long diary entry last week, got distract ...  read more

3/7/2002   Mr Popstar rules OK   by Sarah
  Went to see Pete Um (see links for info...) play a ...  read more

17/6/2002   Sherwood and green contact lenses   by Sarah
  Saturday has to be one of the most bizarre days of late. The aim - to go and see Pulp in Sherwood Pines near Nottingham. So we set off as usual from the back of beyond in Clapham and nearly missed the train (as usual). Getting there on time we were suprised to see that the train was pulling away from the platform with all doors open and swinging. So in true Western style we lept aboard, only to face a Midland Mainline bloke legging it down the carriage juggling keys and shouting incoherently. It didn't get far and then after 20 minutes of hurried debate on the platform between guards etc we were all kicked off the train to await the 'tubostar' stopping everywhere you never want to go train. Wandering up the platform I managed to thrust a Pretty demo at Mark Webber who had also been thrown off the train - very strange.
So by that point Clare was on adrenalin from signal passed at danger travel experience (she knows a lot about trains) and I was feeling a bit sick from encounter, and Howard was cross since they kept announcing the football score over the tannoy and he didn't want to know (apparently they had to do it, it's company policy...).
After tea with Clare's parents which was very charming of them, we went into the forest to see the gig. A drunk guy spent half an hour telling me that the Strokes are great and getting cross when I didn't agree. Then he decided that I must be wearing contact lenses since my eyes are green, I did try to explain that it was natural but he just wandered off to fall over.
Watched Pulp standing in between drunken flag waving England fans and Jarvis Cockers Mum and sister. During Joyriders, the England fans were being absolute wankers and Jarvis' mum gesticulated wildly at them in "This song is about wankers like you" fashion. Sometimes it's bizarre being the one who's just watching, and not with people in gigs. But then despite being in a darkened field in Nottinghamshire in the middle of a gig Maria from work bumped into me at that point.
The gig was good, but as days go it had been a little too weird.

13/6/2002   York not New York   by Sarah
  Latest excursion has been for 4 days to York. I t ...  read more

27/5/2002   his name is Andy, and we are writing songs   by Sarah
  Now that Louisa can do it, I can too, entry for di ...  read more

25/5/2002   in between the bookshelves   by Louisa
  I have been informed by various sources, that the ...  read more

17/5/2002   Liverpool, not the leaving of   by Sarah
  Today is a good day since I get to go up to Liverp ...  read more

6/5/2002   Say NO to bodybuilding   by Sarah
  Louisa, just say NO to bodybuilding, it would be u ...  read more

5/5/2002   sore head - entirely my own fault   by Louisa
  I've just got back from London after the gig with ...  read more

4/5/2002   I hate nu metal   by Louisa
  Oooh, exciting new diary. I've forgotten all the i ...  read more

3/5/2002   Retro Electro and The New Deal for Astronauts   by susan
  Well, Retro Electro was fun, although my back stil ...  read more

2/5/2002   Retro Electro - I love it   by Sarah
  Writing this while at work, not quite falling asle ...  read more

25/4/2002   Hello - we have a diary...   by Sarah
  We have the technology ... to have a diary. This ...  read more


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