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Like some poor unloved orphan child, Retro Electro has come to London. We had to come. Cambridge is a wasteland. There are no clubs. Everything is dead. It was inevitable that we'd end up in London sooner or later. We do have slightly more to offer than the average orphan though. We've got some really good records for a start. We've even found a place where we can play them. And we've got more Spectrums than we know what to do with.

All of this (more the records and the club than the Spectrums) might stave off the slide into prostitution and drug abuse that seems to befall most orphans arriving in London. Well, maybe for a bit anyway.

Here is what you need to know about the arrival of Retro Electro in London

The Records
Yes, the records (CDs, whatever, lets not be pedantic about it) I mentioned these earlier didn't I? I said that they were really good. Well they are, but you probably want to know more about what sort of records they are and whether you'd be interested in hearing any of them. You might even like to know who's going to be playing them (these people are called DJs, its an acronym for something or other, anyway we'll be giving you the opportunity to win a DJ at future Retro Electro!).

>>>>>>>>     Retro Electro Programme 3rd October     <<<<<<<<

Where the people look good and the music is loud

:: 9.00 - 10.00 : DJ Loubot. Plays music to arrive to clubs to like sixties girl groups, nicely dressed electronica and other random pleasant noises. Not yet featured in lifestyle magazines.

:: 10.00 - 11.00 : Pyjamierama. As the cowardly Charles de Gaulle jumps on the first plane to Heathrow, The Vichy Government stick it out with a set featuring New Romantic, Motown, Electroclash, and Disco favourites. Accessible without being obvious.

:: 11.00 - 12.00 : Pete Popstar the fabulous Um in his DJ incarnation. Defies description and has to be seen to be believed, but we can tell you that his recent record shopping list included Prince, Scritti Politti, The Human League, Soft Cell and Peaches


:: 12.00 - 1.00 DJ Charles de Gaulle. Fresh from overthrowing the Vichy Government, DJ Charles de Gaulle promises adventure, excitement and really wild things, including a fight to the death between the KLF and his shattered musical ethics

:: 1.00 - 2.00 K-Starr (Blame it on Berlin) bleep, bleep, German robo-grooves with stolen breakbeat bass lines, Stereolab dissolved in acid and Elektropop will eat itself

The Venue
I haven't said very much about this at all yet. It is very important though. Without it there would be nowhere for us to go. There would be no P.A system to play the records I mentioned earlier. It would just end up being some sort of shambling street party, aimlessly wandering about London. This is exactly the sort of thing we don't want to happen to us - getting drunk in a park and then wandering about indulging in small crimes and acts of petty vandalism.

This is why the Venue is such an important thing. It gives us focus and keeps us of the streets. Anyway, the Venue for the forthcoming Retro Electro nights is going to be Upstairs at The Garage.

Unfortunately, kind though they undoubtedly are, the nice people at The Garage cannot let us do Retro Electro there all of the time. So what we've done is to arrange several specific dates to put the night on. The first three dates are going to be on Thursdays 3rd October, 7th November and 5th December. The doors are going to open at 9 o'clock and everybody can stay until 2 o'clock.

I'm sure you already know where The Garage is but in case you've forgotten its on Highbury Corner, which is opposite Highbury and Islington Tube station.

We think it's a very nice venue, and the drinks aren't too expensive, and that counts for a lot.

The Spectrums
Yes, we have many Spectrums. They are nice but we have too many. So in an attempt to free ourselves of some spectrums and encourage you to come to our fantastically good club night, we are giving you the chance to win Spectrums!


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