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:: S.P.E.C.S Communication 180302 ::

We suspect that there are people who are as yet unaware of the Specs; this communication is designed to reverse the situation.

The Specs came together through their love of electronic sound and their shared pursuit of the perfection of that sound.
The primary members of the S.P.E.C.S. are David, sarah and Ste. Ste's only interest is making music. When he's not making music, he sleeps. Sarah and David have other interests but are still pretty obsessed. They like Ste; he makes them seem normal. Ste is very reclusive, so it's left to david and sarah to perform their music when they want to play live.
The Specs are not very interested in making money, money from their music, but they are less interested in making money from crap jobs.
The Specs are always interested in the possibility of new members for their organisation, and have been known to work with other people. Affiliated members and collaborators include Su Tendo, child prodigy and Gameboy musician, and pretty, who have some very odd ideas about music.They are as well involved with the electronaut collective.

The sound of the Specs
The Specs exist to make the sort of music that they like. Nobody else does it, so they have to do it themselves.
The Specs don't really adhere to any single genre, but prefer to do whatever they feel like doing at any given time. Sometimes they do long instrumentals but sometimes they like to make deliberately concise pop songs. Sometimes thay make old school house music for their own amusement. Sometimes, they just make noise.
David and Sarah write music, but it is Ste's programming that really shapes it into the end result. Ste showed an early aptitude towards mathematics, David and Sarah think that he might be able to think in binary but he has yet to confirm or deny this. Ste works fast; he's most interested in writing very long, complex, and structurally abstract pieces. The songs that the Specs play live are generally condensed versions of these pieces, so that other people can listen to them as well.
The current S.P.E.C.S. sampler CD is instrumental and demonstrates this aspect of the Specs music reasonably well. If you want to hear more, then please get in touch with them using the above phone number.
The specs operate from their secret Head Quarters in Cambridge. It is so well disguised that most people think it's just an ordinary council flat. The Specs studio is a mass of wires, flashing lights and interesting electronic things. It also houses a large proportion of David's games console collection. It would be very high tech if it were still 1987.

'the Specs are the ghost in the machine'

This communication was written by Tobi Sha on behalf of the S.P.E.C.S.


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