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by Goble002, 6 months, 1 week ago
Thanks for you reply.

When you upload your original file in K2 component (on Joomla) :
it keeps a source file in /media/k2/items/src

then it will create other image of different sizes (as predefined in k2 settings in Joomla back-end) and place them in /media/k2/items/cache >>> These are OK.

My issue is with the uploaded source file, here's a copy :
File: 6,071Kb | Image quality: 100 | DPI : 96 | Dimension : 3250 x 2171

My original file :
File: 2,337Kb | Image quality: 86 | DPI : 72 | Dimension : 3250 x 2171

Like you can see the uploaded file settings change and become very big. Ideally I want the file to stay the same.

About the logs I don't know where to see that. However here is the full PHP :

I can give you back-end and FTP access to a test website if I can PM you or mail you.Reply

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