My name is Colin VEROT, I'm french, but I live and work everywhere in the world. As of now, I am in France.

I am a freelance web designer and web developer amongst other things... I have been fond of computing for a long time, and began to program when I was a child. I now have an extensive knowledge of programming, design, and networking, which I try to increase every day. I am a web expert (PHP/MySQL), as well as a sysadmin. I am running my own projects, such as the PHP upload class or The CMF. I am doing a lot of design and theming. I like minimalist and efficient design. And last but not least, I am an free software enthusiast; I use exclusively free software at home and at work.

linux.jpgI studied in France, at a computer school, and have worked for several companies, in France, UK, and Australia, doing websites amongst other things. I learnt about professional design, efficient website creation and customer relationships. I have been freelancing for more than 10 years, working on various projects, mainly doing coding or consulting and focusing on free software software.

I am also a fully trained projectionist, after working for two years in the Cambridge Arts Cinema. This is a very good cinema, and I had the opportunity to work in a fully equipped 3-screens projection box with highly experienced people. I occasionally work on film festivals in UK, and hopefully in some other festivals around the world...