Hire me!

I am available for hire for any Internet related work. I am based in France right now, but can work for any country in the world. Are you interested? Contact me!

What can I do for you?

I can do everything related to websites, and Internet in general. I can conceive and build a website, redesign an existing site, develop an internet application or a mobile application. I mostly work with PHP and MySQL on the server, and Javascript on the client, and I design sites following official standards, using the latest HTML5/CSS techniques (Angular, SASS...). You can check my portfolio, and a detail of my competences. I am also a graphic designer, have a look there to see some artwork.

Why hire me?

Well, you don't have to believe me, but:

  • I do great quality work. I am always proud of my work.
  • I pay attention to details. I can't stand unfinished work.
  • I am an experienced programer, and I like to code.
  • I am pro-active, and reactive.
  • I know a hell of a lot about the web and Internet.
  • I have a long experience of working with my clients.
  • I am not too expensive to hire, and you always get your money's worth.

In brief, I always produce very high quality work, and establish great relationships with my clients. Try me!