You can find here a list of script, mostly in bash, that I have created for my personal use. They are scripts for my desktop and laptop, and are all for (Ubuntu) Linux. They may be useful to you...

Thinkpad anti-theft system

A cool script which explains how to set up an alarm system for Thinkpad laptops, using the laptop's accelerometer, hdaps and python.

Spamassassin remote filtering and KMail

A page explaining how to setup Spamassassin to remotely filter spam, and trigger KMail to update its cached IMAP accounts via D-Bus/DCOP.

Using tmpfs with Firefox

A solution to store Firefox's profile in RAM in order to speed up browsing experience.

Google language

You want to reset Google search results to be from when searching from a non-US IP, and not from the local Google site? See a solution here.

aMule remote monitoring

And another bash script to monitoring aMule remotely

OzForces usage meter

A little script to check your usage (upload and download) if your ADSL provider is OzForces (Australia).


Note that I offer no warranty whatsoever for these scripts, and some of them may be quite old by now. Use at your own risk!