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Reply to class upload detects the image as plain text

class upload detects the image as plain text new!
by Carlos, 2 years ago
I have a problem with the class.
When upload a image, the class detected the image as plain/text.
I don't know what happened.

The log is:
system information
- class version : 0.29
- operating system : Linux
- PHP version : 5.3.6-13ubuntu3.6
- GD version : 2.0
- supported image types : png jpg gif bmp
- open_basedir : no restriction
- language : en_GB
source is a local file /tmp/phptU06cW
- local file name OK
determining MIME type
- Checking MIME type with Fileinfo PECL extension
MAGIC path defaults to /usr/share/file/magic
MIME type detected as application/octet-stream; charset=binary by Fileinfo PECL extension
- MIME validated as application/octet-stream
- Flash may be rewriting MIME as application/octet-stream
- Try to guess MIME type from file extension (): doesn't look like anything known
source variables
- You can use all these before calling process()
file_src_name : phptU06cW
file_src_name_body : phptU06cW
file_src_name_ext :
file_src_pathname : /tmp/phptU06cW
file_src_mime : application/octet-stream
file_src_size : 452061 (max= 2097152)
file_src_error : 0
process file to /var/www/Phaloo/application/../temp/
- file size OK
- script phptU06cW renamed as phptU06cW.txt!
- file mime OK : text/plain
- new file name ext : jpeg
- new file name body : 193585_original
- new file name ext : jpeg
- file name safe format
- destination variables
file_dst_path : /var/www/Phaloo/application/../temp/
file_dst_name_body : 193585_original
file_dst_name_ext : jpeg
- no image operation, keep extension
- checking for auto_rename
- destination file details
file_dst_name : 193585_original.jpeg
file_dst_pathname : /var/www/Phaloo/application/../temp/193585_original.jpeg
- 193585_original.jpeg doesn't exist already
- no image processing wanted
- process OK

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