class.upload testimonials

What users think of class.upload.php:

From Steve, 27th of July 2013
"Just a quick update to let you know it is all working very well. Orders are up & my workload of photos to resize has been drastically reduced."

From Octavio, 2nd of July 2013
"This class is highly recommended, does what it should and nothing more, 100% usable and confgurable, great!"

From Todd, 1st of July 2013
"We have experimented with your class.upload.php in a Dev environment, & it works beautifully for our needs."

From Balázs, 28th of June 2013
"Your upload class is awesome. Keep up the good work!"

From Adolfo, 15th of May 2013
"Hi, I found your script and first want to tell you it's awesome, clear and easy to use."

From Renan, 14th of May 2013
"I'm a web developer from Brazil, and I would like to thank you. Your class is absolutely fantastic!"

From Glen, 27th of February 2013
"Your script is ace...."

From Rick, 19th of February 2013
"Thanks for making such amazing good code."

From Mark, 28th of August 2012
"A great class!"

From Mahmoud, 20th of August 2012
"Thanks for your amazing super script :)"

From Lil, 9th of June 2012
"I gave a donation, I am so very grateful for this image manipulation tool! I really wanted to have control over the watermark position and size, and your code makes that so easy."

From Kenta, 18th of May 2012
"I like your Upload class!"

From Alexander, 21th of April 2012
"First of all - I would like to say - much thanks for your perfect upload class! It makes life easy."

From Ghazanfar, 17th of April 2012
"Thanks for the providing such a great class for file uploads. I have been using it in many projects."

From Mariano, 9th of April 2012
"I want to say thank you to you for the class upload.php. Its great!!"

From Zach, 8th of March 2012
"You're AWESOME! You've done all the work for me, I'll be sure to donate!"

From Doug, 29th of February 2012
"Class upload is a brilliant script and much better than anything I've been able to write by myself."

From Martin, 12th of February 2012
"The Internet is made more amazing by people such as yourself for providing such useful tools for free. Thanks! Sent 5 euros, not much but it's a token of appreciation for the upload script."

From Hamilton, 1st of February 2012
"I am using the Upload Class that you developed. In addition to the perfection of the code does not lack anything in it. Thank you for providing the files for the work and congratulations!"

From Martin, 24th of Juanuary 2012
"First I would like to thank you for a wonderfull class. It has helped me a lot. "

From Eder, 16th of January 2012
"First of all, I want to say thanks for you, your class.upload is very useful. "

From Ian, 19th of November 2011
"I'm using your upload.php script for a custom CMS. Great script thank you!"

From Jon, 18th of November 2011
"Thank you for the awesome class !"

From Walter, 9th of November 2011
"I've been using your class for a while now. It's great and much better than what I could ever do myself."

From Aurélien, 31st of October 2011
"Your class rocks a lot, it is very amazing!"

From Geoff, 24th of October 2011
"I've just started using the upload class (in the form of the Yii extension) and it saves masses of effort so firstly thank you for making it available."

From Claus, 13th of October 2011
"I'm a longtime fan of your image class just for starters, I truly think it's an amazing piece of work. "

From Ben, 17th of September 2011
"I would like to thank you hugely for your awesome PHP Upload Class. I am speechless at how sophisticated and reliable it is!!"

From Bonface, 9th of August 2011
"Thanks for your image class, it works like a rocket."

From Aslam, 12th of May 2011
"I would like to say Thank you for providing such a nice code "class.upload.php"."

From Nicholas, 11th of May 2011
"I have just started using your class and it works excellent - I wrapped it up to work in CodeIgniter. Working great, thank god I found this class!"

From John, 29th of April 2011
"Your upload class is terrific. Great job, and thank you!"

From Matthias, 20th of March 2011
"Very, very cool and simple to use script!"

From James, 24th of February 2011
"I love your PHP upload class."

From Ciprian, 10th of February 2011
"I've been using your upload class for quite a while and I gotta say that it's very good. "

From Muzikum, 5th of January 2011
"A huge thanks for your effort. I've been working on my own upload class, but I'd never be able to even come near your class' quality."

From Petr, 7th of january 2011
"I want to thank you for the upload class that you have made! "

From Wietse, 14th of December 2010
"Thanks for this GREAT piece of work!"

From Ivan, 18th of November 2010
"I'm using your PHP Upload class and it really saves me a lot of time! :-)"

From André, 16th of December 2010
"I like very much 'class.upload.php', great work."

From Rupert, 15th of December 2010
"Just to say thank you for your awesome Image Upload class. So comprehensive saved me loads of time and effort. Thank you!"

From Damien, 10th of December 2010
"Hi, Great work thank you for your time and efforts into making this class!"

From Dayson, 4th of December 2010
"Just wanted to tell you that you've done a great job with the upload class. I love it."

From David, 17th of November 2010
"I would like to thanks the great job for people, it's really an powerful and convenient tool for web developer."

From Lindsay, 11th of September 2010
"class.upload.php makes my life super easy when it comes to uploads in general. Thank you for it."

From Jarek, 6th of September 2010
"Very nice work with class.upload.php ! Keep it up, thanks for sharing !"

From Andrew, 18th of Mai 2010
"I want to thank you for creating such an incredible upload class. It's very nice."

From Chris, 28th of June 2010
"I really like your great upload.class!"

From Rafael, 28th of June 2010
"I use your class.upload.php to upload files in an application, It has been very useful to me."

From Mamdooh, 6th of April 2010
"I am very interested by your project "class.upload.php" which helped me a lot in making thumbnails for my website ..."

From Bert, 2nd of April 2010
"What a wonderfull upload class you've made!"

From Raine, 1st of April 2010
"A million thanks for the great tool!"

From Nabizade, 26th of March 2010
"Good class, thank you for your work!"

From Dorio, 25th of March 2010
"Really great class the "class.upload.php". Wanted to say thanks for releasing it!"

From Tim, 4th of March 2010
"I've been testing your upload class and am finding it very useful because it deals with uploading and image manipulation in one place. Nice!"

From Brian, 3rd of March 2010
"I'm writing in regards to your upload class. I love it! I use it all the time."

From Andy, 23rd of January 2010
"Thank you a lot for the uploader class. "

From Drew, 1st of February 2010
"Thanks for class.upload.php - it's really excellent."

From Nathan, 21st of January 2010
"I came across your excellent class.upload.php and have been looking into incorporating it into something I am currently working on."

From Steven, 1st of January 2010
"First off, thanks for the awesome php image uploading script!"

From Davide, 24th of November 2009
"Thanks for your class, its very good and easy to set up."

From Basheer, 16th of November 2009
"Thanks for your efforts to make this massive upload class."

From Andrei, 28th of October 2009
"Thank you for this great class. It helps me a lot."

From Nibelungee, 8th of October 2009
"Your script is magnificent, no kidding :))"

From Murat, 20th of September 2009
"Many, many thanks for this great script."

From Pedro, 11th of September 2009
"Congratulations for your class and for your work! Very good quality."

From Aziz, 27th of August 2009
"I want to thank you for this class, it really saved me a lot of time."

From Felix, 24th of August 2009
"Wow, what a wonderful upload class!"

From Jossi, 13th of August 2009
"Thank you for the excellent class.upload.php."

From Julien, 9th of August 2009
"Just to tell you that your upload class is totaly awesome. So simple and so powerful!"

From Matt, 7th of August 2009
"I'm a developer and have been using your PHP Upload class for a couple years now. I can't tell you how much time it has saved me!"

From Rob, 3rd of August 2009
"I'm starting to use your class.upload.php and it is fantastic."

From Lothar, 12th of July 2009
"Thank you very much for "class.upload.php"!"

From Taras, 10th of July 2009
"Your PHP upload class is AWESOME... it has saved me soooo much time... "

From André, 7th of July 2009
"I want to give you my congratulations about your upload class."

From Tim, 10th of May 2009
"Great upload script Colin, thanks!"

From Garson, 10th of May 2009
"Browsing the examples of your uploader library. Impressive indeed!"

From Chris, 23th of March 2009
"I would like to thank you for sharing your excellent work."

From Kire, 2nd of February 2009
"I just wanna thank you for your upload class. I am using it for my projects and just writted an article on my blog to talk about it."

From Nguye, 22nd of January 2009
"I love the upload class. With powerful features and convenience, I use it in most of my projects. "

From Sergiy, 4th of January 2009
"Thank you for your great class!"

From Carlos, 19th of December 2008
"I would like to congratulate you for the excellent class."

From Jiri, 16th of December 2008
"I use your upload class and its very good."

From Max, 15th of December 2008
"I think this class is so awesome!"

From Yigal, 13th of December 2008
"I love your php upload class..."

From Victor, 1st of December 2008
"Thank you for good class!"

From Killy, 18th of November 2008
"I use you class upload for my works, it is awesome."

From Stefan, 13th of November 2008
"Thank's for a great tool and super great support and response time! FYI ... I spent last few days looking all over for something like this and I found quite a few similar tools, but nothing I was too happy with ... Until I found out about you and class.upload!!! Lucky me ;-) "

From Crispijn, 3rd of November 2008
"For a couple of months now I'm using your advance upload class. Great work you did. Effective way for uploading files and easy to implement."

From Joseph, 16th of October 2008
"Hi Colin, I love you upload class, it is perfect!"

From Matt, 6th of October 2008
"First off, thanks for this amazing upload script. I've been using it for over a year and it is by far the best PHP script that I've found for managing file uploads."

From Akenateb, 16th of September 2008
"I want to thank you about this work, it works great!"

From Markus, 11th of September 2008
"I just wanted to drop an email and say thankyou for your excellent class.upload script. I used it in a recent project and was very pleased, I could delete lots of lines of my old code and just call your class with the right parameters and save myself a lot of trouble. A donation to you is on the todo-list, promised!"

From Claudiu, 9th of September 2008
"I can remember my first visit to this page and when I saw what this class can do I had no drawbacks on using it, it's all I ever wanted to do and wished a class should do!"

From Alexander, 30th of August 2008
"Thanks for a fantastic class, works straight out of the box and is far feature-rich and solid than anything else out there. I love it."

From Frank, 29th of August 2008
"Thanks for a wonderful script!"

From Johan, 19th of August 2008
"Let me thank you for a great upload class you've made. I'm using it constantly in my applications."

From Ben, 4th of April 2008
"Thanks loads mate, you've really done some great work here. I'll be sure to spread the word."

From Jean-François, 28th of March 2008
"Hi! I just felt the urge to tell you that the project class.upload.php you made available is one of the (if not THE) most clean piece of open source work I have seen in years! Thank you verrrrry much for that quality."

From David, 24th of March 2008
"Hi, first of all congratulations for the upload Class, it is really useful and easy to use."

From Clancy, 15th of February 2008
"Excellent work on transparencies! Your class is now world-class. Keep it up!"

From Ali, 29th of November 2007
"Thank you very much for writing such a nice upload script and congratulation on version 0.25 update."

From Neal, 13th of November 2007
"I found your upload class on phpclasses and have implemented it in one of my sites. It works extremely well and is very functional."

From Fanou, 5th of November 2007
"Je suis tombé sur votre site en cherchant un script php pour la manipulation d'image. Le votre est excellent ! Complet au possible ..."

From Alan, 4th of November 2007
"This is a great CLASS!!"

From Marko, 18th of October 2007
"Your script class.upload.php is really an excelent piece of work. My compliments for that."

From Alfons, 14th of October 2007
"I'm using your class for some time now and I really like it."

From Matt, 24th of August 2007
"This was so simple to implement. Great piece of code! Thanks."

From Dan, 24th of August 2007
"First of all may I congratulate you on such a wonderful script, you've certainly saved me and no doubt countless other programmers from a lot of time and work!"

From rr1024, 25th of July 2007
"I want to say this class is great! I'm love it ;-)"

From Jarrod, 15th of July 2007
"Hello, have been playing with your class and its very very cool!! [...] This is the first time I have reached out and asked for help other then reading the web, I really appreciated you reply :)"

From Julian, 13th of July 2007
"I found you class extremely useful, thanks for sharing your knowledge."

From Cassiano, 14th of June 2007
"I would like to thank you very much for making such a helpful class available to the PHP community. It is really a time saving one."

From Francisco, 25th of May 2007
"I've been using your class for a while and I must say that is great!"

From Yvan, 19th of May 2007
"BRAVO et chapeau bas."

From Birger, 18th of April 2007
"Very useful tool for us."

From Sayed, 10th of April 2007
"Thanks for your great class."

From Chup, 20th of March 2007
"I just want to tell you big thanks for your class.upload.php! Your class is very useful, pretty-coded and understandable. I have many pleasure when working with your class. Great work! Big thanks!"

From Quang, 27th of February 2007
"I’m using your upload class. It’s very easy to use (thanks for that)."

From Mark, 17th of January 2007
"It works so well... I'm grateful to have found it."

From Ray, 8th of January 2007
"I say thank you very much for the great script. It’s very amazing script."

From Serguei, 7th of January 2007
"You created a very nice class. I like it. Your class has very easy management commands. I like it. Your class has very easy management commands.."

From Mike, 3rd of January 2007
"Thanks for the great script, it’s just what I need."

From Fabrice, 9th of December 2006
"Thanks for this very good class."

From Robin, 7th of December 2006
"First, i have to thank you for your "killer app class", it is really very useful for me"

From Konstantin, 30th of Novembre 2006
"I have found your new upload class, it is simply magnificent! There are many fine modifications, thanks. You have made a magnificent website, I do not understand, how I have not found it earlier? At a forum I could find answers to all questions which I set to you earlier."

From Justin, 18th of November 2006
"I love your image upload class"

From SS, 3rd of November 2006
"Great script. I'd like to use it in my new site. If I ever get around using it I'll definitely buy a license. "

From Christoph, 30th of October 2006
"I really love you class.upload.php! It is great!"

From S M, 14th of September 2006
"Wonderful class. Got this working on my local web server with no problem."

From Steve, 6th of September 2006
"Just wanted to say thanks for the upload files, helped me a lot."

From Neven, 24th of August 2006
"I have to say that v0.20 kicks some serious butt!"

From Daniel, 4th of August 2006
"I think your upload class is amazing, it just do everything!"

From Bard, 30th of July 2006
"Hello. I'll like to thank You for Yours perfect upload class, its a piece of good code. Thanks."

From Solomon, 13th of July 2006
"Hi, I love your upload class."

From Geoffrey, 29th of June 2006
"Your script is excellent with handling file uploads and has loads of features."

From Neven, 8th of June 2006
"I checked what's new at and found 0.19 version of your fabulous upload class! Great work man!"

From Anna, 26th of May 2006
"Thanks for a great upload class!"

From Jorge, 14th of April 2006
"After a lot of searching for an upload and image manipulating class, I finally find yours. I have to say that it is a delight to use, and it works as a charm."

From Thomas, 14th of April 2006
"Your upload-class is a very good script. I want to thank you for this great work!"

From Alexandre, 4th of April 2006
"Nouvelles fonctionnalités impressionnantes, bravo!"

From Karen, 30th of March 2006
"Thanks for making your hard work available."

From Konstantin, 30th of March 2006
"Thanks for your time, attention and support!"

From Philippe, 30th of March 2006
"Je voulais juste te dire : "BRAVO". C'est une belle classe, avec beaucoup de méthodes, donc super fonctionnel."

From Christian, 25th of March 2006
"I just wanna congratulate you for your upload class."

From Don, 1st of March 2006
"Hey there, first of all thanks for a great script, working well so far."

From Ari, 23rd of February 2006
"First, thanks for the awesome script. I'm creating a free job site for folks, and this is a big help in enabling them to upload portfolio images & resumes. The documentation is also amazing - an example for others to follow! :-)."

From Willem, 3rd of February 2006
"First I'd like to thank you for making the upload script available. It's very clear and well documented."

Someone in Sweden, 27th of December 2005
"I was looking for a script to could let people upload images into my server and I found your great site."

Guvenc, 25th of December 2005
"Many thanks for your efforts to create this great class. It solved nearly all my problems."

Matt, 18th of December 2005
"Hi there, Great class file!"

Alex, 25th of November 2005
"I found your great class.upload script on It's great features and it got everything I want..."

Wolfgang, 29th of October 2005
"First, I want to say, that your script: "class upload" is great! Thanks for this hard work."

From Dr. Bill, 1st of August 2005
"Again thanks for writing a great script and answering my questions."

From Oreamnos, 4th of June 2005
"This script is so easy to use and powerful. Everytime I need to upload and resize images I always have to go searching for some script or use the old ones I slapped together. I think I have found the script I will always use in the future. There are things that I need to comment on but neither of them may be related to the script itself. 1.) When resizing gif's that have transparent parts the transparent parts seem to turn black after resizing. I imagine this is something about gif's and not about your script. [this depends on the GD version] 2.) I really wasn't able to use what I downloaded off of Hotscripts because my text editor does not like it when I copy and past code from the internet [it should work ;)]. Fortunately I found the .zip file. Also in that .zip file you have a working example which is so easy to use. Regardless, great script! Thanks"

From Taylor, 4th of May 2005
"I will paypal you $25 as soon as I get a response. THANKS!!"

From Matthias, 26th of April 2005
"Okay thanks, neverless as soon as i get some money into my paypal account i gotta donate a few bucks, I like the class really and it saved me a lot of write work (got to create multiple thumbs)"

From Steve, 21st of Apr 2005
"Thank you! This worked. I'm so excited now. "

From Jason, 7th of April 2005
"Also thank you so much for the help. It is much appreciated."

From Gaston 4th of April 2005
"I downloaded your upload class and used it in an application. My compliments it is a good straitforward class which makes life with image upload and handling a lot easier."

From Knappy 27th of March 2005
"I love your class.upload.php . It's just what I was looking for."

From Justin 18th of March 2005
"Hey, I just checked up on your script again today. Looks like youve added some great stuff. Its great that youve got some good docs now :) Was a little light on the documentation earlier. Thanks for the credit on that bug find as well. Ill have to implement this new class soon. You should setup someway for people to get notified on updates to this script.. Well, its pretty near perfect now though.. Just want to say, best upload class out there. Good job."