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Reply to Large images don't resize, no errors either

Large images don't resize, no errors either new!
by Adam, 1 year, 12 months ago
I'm downloading images from a server, resizing them and saving them.
The download is done by cURL and class.upload.php only loads the temporary file, resizes it twice and saves it locally.
The script downloaded and processed about 25,000 images so far. Today it found some images that are rather large in resolution (ie. 2800x4200) but still small in size (~ 230KB). Now, the image is loaded just fine. I called a print_r on the class.upload instance and the information from the image was loaded. I could see resolution, size etc. correctly. It does not however process the image, nor does it throw an error.

For instance this echoes nothing.
if($img->process('location')) echo 'OK!';
    else echo $img->error;

Any ideas how to get around this?
PS: The disc is not full, there are no permission issues or anything silly like that. If I skip these images everything works fine (I can't do that however, because I need these images as well)Reply

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