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Odd issue with image filesize.

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Odd issue with image filesize. new!
by Owen Lees, 1 year, 9 months ago

Having used this class for what must be years - I have this week come across a very strange issue which has stumped me.

My image processing path is as follows:

Modal window - Uploadify - Pre Process names etc - Process with Upload Class.

I have set my max file sizes in the php.ini to 256M (just in case) and changed the class max file size manually to 128108864 just in case.

However weirdly - any image on or near 2 mb is fine but anything bigger than 4mb simply fails to process - I have checked the paths and they are correct as my code is moving the image to the correct directory ready for processing by this class.

I have checked that the class is receiving the correct file name and path - what is very strange is that the class simply fails with no discernible error message - I have a trap set for if it cant process and have installed several test cases to prove that that works.

The class simply gets to the $handle->process(dir) point and falls over.

Any ideas?

One footnote: given that I have been using this class for so long and never seen this issue makes me wonder if its a server issue.Reply
Re: Odd issue with image filesize. new!
by colin, 1 year, 9 months ago
You are probably running out of memory. Check the second item on the FAQReply
Re: Odd issue with image filesize. new!
by Owen Lees, 1 year, 9 months ago
Colin you need a virtual medal.

I badgered the server company to provide a site specific php.ini and assumed that they had actually implemented it right!

Turns out not. One quick script addition as per the FAQ and we are good to go.

Once again many thanks.