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Upload xlsx files new!
by Ray, 1 year, 8 months ago
Hi there,
I tried to upload various files and xls and xlsx files failed while doc and docx files succeeded. I have an array
$allowed = array(
(only extraction, there are some more).

My logfile says:
system information
- class version : 30/08/2022
- operating system : Linux
- PHP version : 8.1.2
- GD version : 2.2.4
- supported image types : png webp jpg gif bmp
- open_basedir : /var/customers/webs/test3:/var/customers/tmp/test3:/usr/share/php:/usr/share/php5:/tmp
- upload_max_filesize : 64M (67108864 bytes)
- language : de_DE
source is an uploaded file
- upload OK
- file name OK
determining MIME type
- checking MIME type with Fileinfo PECL extension
MAGIC path will not be used
MIME type detected as application/encrypted; charset=binary by Fileinfo PECL extension
- MIME validated as application/encrypted
source variables
- you can use all these before calling process()
file_src_name : GAR_Datenbank_aktuell_2022_10_10_RAY.xls
file_src_name_body : GAR_Datenbank_aktuell_2022_10_10_RAY
file_src_name_ext : xls
file_src_pathname : /var/customers/tmp/test3/phprKRUn8
file_src_mime : application/encrypted
file_src_size : 415232 (max= 67108864)
file_src_error : 0
process file to /var/customers/webs/test3/dskom/media/uploaders_649615/71/in/
- file size OK
- MIME type and/or extension is not allowed !
- error: Falscher Dateityp.

What am I doing wrong?Reply

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