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Re: Upload failed more than 2MB new!
by Kilania, 7 years, 6 months ago
Hi, I can't upload image more than 2MB in size. I already set the memory limit 32M. Below is the error log. Can you help me ?

system information
- class version : 0.32
- operating system : Darwin
- PHP version : 5.4.10
- GD version : 2.0.34
- supported image types : png jpg gif bmp
- open_basedir : no restriction
- upload_max_filesize : 32M (33554432 bytes)
- language : en_GB
source is an uploaded file
- upload OK
- file name OK
determining MIME type
- Checking MIME type with Fileinfo PECL extension
MAGIC path will not be used
MIME type detected as image/jpeg; charset=binary by Fileinfo PECL extension
- MIME validated as image/jpeg
source variables
- You can use all these before calling process()
file_src_name : 11IIVO4.jpg
file_src_name_body : 11IIVO4
file_src_name_ext : jpg
file_src_pathname : /Applications/MAMP/tmp/php/phpBeWs1I
file_src_mime : image/jpeg
file_src_size : 5640077 (max= 33554432)
file_src_error : 0
- source file is an image
image_src_x : 5616
image_src_y : 3744
image_src_pixels : 21026304
image_src_type : jpg
image_src_bits : 8
process file to public/img/profil/2014/May/22/
- error: File too big.
Re: Upload failed more than 2MB new!
by colin, 7 years, 6 months ago
It is strange, because your error log is not consistent:
file_src_size : 5640077 (max= 33554432)
error: File too big.

The message "File too big" happens only if the image size is larger than the maximum size, that is if 5640077 > 33554432, which is not the case.

Is that error log produced when you upload any file? Or only files larger than 2mb? To me, it looks more like a memory error, rather than an upload size error. Do you have any error messages in your web server log?Reply
Re: Upload failed more than 2MB new!
by kilania, 7 years, 6 months ago
I raised the memory limit like this and it works now.
ini_set( 'memory_limit', '128M' );
Thanks for reply.Reply