A little bug?

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A little bug? new!
by Uli , 16 years, 1 month ago
Hi Colin,

thanxs for your great upload class - very good work.

I am not quite sure - but i think i discovered a little bug...

Check this out - i convert a jpeg into a png with autorenaming - the file is converted but still has the suffix jpg...


$handle = new upload('default.jpg');

$handle->file_overwrite = false;
$handle->file_auto_rename = true;

$handle->image_convert = 'png';
$handle->image_resize = true;
$handle->image_ratio_no_zoom_in = true;

$handle->image_x = 250;
$handle->image_y = 100;
$handle->image_ratio_crop = true;


Greetz UliReply
Re: A little bug? new!
by colin, 16 years, 1 month ago
Which version of the class are you using?

Try to use the 0.25 RC1, that you can find here.Reply
Re: A little bug? new!
by Uli, 16 years ago
i was using Version 0.24 - ok - thanxs so far ;-)

Greetz UliReply