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by rr1024, 16 years, 12 months ago
This functionality maybe available but I don't know how to use your class yet....Anyway

I was wondering if there is a way to use image resize when and only when the image is larger than X or larger than Y.
$handle->image_ratio_x   = TRUE;
$handle->image_ratio_y   = TRUE;
$handle->file_max_size = (int)$ImageArr['Size']; // 1024 = 1KB

$handle->image_y       = 300;
$handle->image_x       = 400;

if ( $handle->image_x < $ImageW ) {
     #resize image according to x ratio I think
} elseif ( $handle->image_y < $ImageY ){
     #resize image according to y ratio I think
} else {
     # Do nothing the images is smaller than max limits

Basically, it would be nice to have this built into the class I think.....
You supply image max X Y and a resize only occures if the image X is larger than max X or image Y is larger than max Y or image X Y are both larger than max XY...

I hope that makes sence, I'm currently working with your vers 24Reply

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