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Large File Upload new!
by Robert, 17 years ago
I am trying to upload 2-3Mb multiple files uploads.
then store them as a blob in MySQL server.
It seems to be only able to handle up to 700kb files. Any file large than 700kb seems to make it unstable, giving a variaty of errors.
Has any body else tried to work with file of this size.
Re: Large File Upload new!
by colin, 17 years ago
First, you need to set the PHP limits properly (memory, upload, etc...), as well as the maximum size in the upload class.

Now, it is strongly discouraged to store files in a database, especially such large files. It would be really better to store the files on disk, and the filename in the database. Your database will collapse under the weight of all these BLOB files, and be very slow. This said, it's up to you.

What are the errors that you have? Are they from PHP, from the class?Reply
Re: Large File Upload new!
by robert, 17 years ago
Thanks for your reply.
I have changed all the size settings on MySQL and PHP and now seems to be happy. The errors i was getting before was PHP related. Even though the class was reading 50Mb file upload size, several times a 2Mb file was giving the error. After further investigation my ISP had set 50Mb for local and 2mb file for global. So anything under 2M is fine.
Thanks for the advise on blob's. I will keep them below 1M.Reply