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Problem with multiple upload files new!
by Geizon, 17 years, 3 months ago
Hello, I have the form code

when I go to send all archives results the following error
Warning: Invalid argument supplied will be foreach () in D:\Sites\administra _portal \ Galeria_Upload_Server.php on line 22

and if I leave one of the fields blank functions normal, as I arrange to send all? Code of line 222
$files = Array (); 
foreach ($_FILES [ââ?¬Å?my_fieldââ?¬Â] $k => $l)  { 
  foreach ($l $i => $v)  { 
    if (! array_key_exists ($i, $files)) 
      $files [$i] = Array (); 
      $files [$i] [$k] = $v; 

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