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Re: Center text on image new!
by colin, 17 years, 3 months ago
You mean some text at the bottom of the picture, in a black line?

It is not possible as of now to add the dimensions or size of the picture there, but it is a feature that I will try to implement in the next version.

For instance, we could imagine this:
$foo->image_text = 'size: [x] x [y]';
where [x] and [y] would be replaced by the dimensions.

In the meantime, you can do as following:
$foo->image_resize         = true;
$foo->image_ratio_y        = true;
$foo->image_x              = 200;
$foo->image_crop           = '0 0 -16 0';
$foo->image_text           = 'some text here';
$foo->image_text_font      = 2;
$foo->image_text_position  = 'B';
$foo->image_text_padding_y = 2;
And you will have the same display as in the picture above.Reply