JPG/PNG - Dimension Issues

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JPG/PNG - Dimension Issues new!
by Tom, 17 years, 5 months ago
Alright I have been testing this for quite a while and found that I am not able to upload jpg/png files with dimensions greater that 4000px even when the file size is only around 140kb.

(Before I continue, I do have the memory limits and all of that set really high. I am able to consistently and successfully upload and resize files ranging anywhere from 10kb to 13mb.)

I don't know why this is and I cant figure it out. Has anyone had/solved this issue?Reply
Re: JPG/PNG - Dimension Issues new!
by Colin, 17 years, 5 months ago
Could you send me such an image, or send me a link to it if it is online?

In fact, I think the image, when manipulated by GD, is converted to a bitmap in memory. So 4000x4000 pixels requires a lot of memory. The fact that the source image is JPEG does not change that.

Send me the image, I will do some tests.Reply
Re: JPG/PNG - Dimension Issues new!
by colin, 17 years, 5 months ago
I did some tests here, with a JPEG image, 5000x5000, and 10000x10000. The size was about under 300KB. I tried with 64MB memory limit, and it all worked fine, resizing images and all.

Send me the image, and the memory limit you have. In any case, your problem is very likely to be a memory issue.Reply