Upload fails no error msg

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Upload fails no error msg new!
by Mattias, 17 years, 8 months ago

I implemented this class on my webserver and it worked out nice. Then I uploaded it to the server where it is supposed to be. The first image uploaded fine, but now it wont work anymore? And the strange thing is that the upload.php file redirects me back to the form-page and I dont get any error msg at all. I missed out the clean()-part at first, can that be the problem? Could it be that my web-host limits me to 1 file in tmp-dir? Can I fix this if that is the case or must my host do that for me? Thanks for an awesome class anyways!!Reply
Re: Upload fails no error msg new!
by colin, 17 years, 8 months ago
It can be the 1MB limit your you tmp directory. Also, if the image you upload is big, and if you do some image manipulation on it (resize, etc...), you will need more memory. For instance, a 1MB image will require 8 MB approx of memory to be processed. You might have to ask your host to increase the PHP memory limit.

Having a blank page, or no error message at all usually indicates a lack of memory available. A good test is to try your code with smaller images.Reply