Version 0.25 Release Candidate 1 is released

I am pleased to release the version 0.25, as a Release Candidate. It sports a lot of new features, as well as an extensive rewriting of the image manipulation code. It should now work like a charm with transparent images. Get it here.

Feel free to download it, and test it. If you see anything which doesn't work, please send me some feedback, and I will fix it for the proper release.

Changelog for version 0.25 RC1:

- added forbidden to set an array of forbidden MIME types
- implemented support for simple wildcards in allowed and forbidden, such as image/*
- preset the file extension to the desired conversion format when converting an image
- added read and write support for BMP images
- added a flag file_is_image to determine if the file is a supported image type
- the class now provides some information about the image, before calling process(). Available are image_src_x, image_src_y and the newly introduced image_src_bits, image_src_pixels and image_src_type. Note that this will not work if open_basedir restrictions are in place
- improved logging; now provides useful system information
- added some more pre-processing checks for files that are images: image_max_width, image_max_height, image_max_pixels, image_max_ratio, image_min_width, image_min_height, image_min_pixels and image_min_ratio
- added image_ratio_pixels to resize an image to a number of pixels, keeping aspect ratio
- added image_is_palette and image_is_transparent and image_transparent_color for GIF images
- added image_default_color to define a fallback color for non alpha-transparent output formats, such as JPEG or BMP
- changed image_background_color, which now forces transparent areas to be painted
- improved reflections and color overlays so that it works with alpha transparent images
- image_reflection_color is now deprecated in favour of image_default_color
- transparent PNGs are now processed in true color, and fully preserving the alpha channel when doing merges
- transparent GIFs are now automatically detected. preserve_transparency is deprecated
- transparent true color images can be saved as GIF while retaining transparency, semi transparent areas being merged with image_default_color
- transparent true color images can be saved as JPG/BMP with the semi transparent areas being merged with image_default_color
- fixed conversion of images to true color

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