class.upload.php version 0.26 released

0.26 I am pleased to announce the release of the version 0.26 of the script class.upload.php. It is a major update, with a substantial rewrite of the MIME detection code, support for Flash uploaders, and some new features and improvements.

Version 0.26 changelog

- rewrote conversion from palette to true color to handle transparency better
- fixed imagecopymergealpha() when the overlayed image is of wrong dimensions
- fixed imagecreatenew() when the image to create have less than 1 pixels width or height
- rewrote MIME type detection to be more secure and not rely on browser information; now using Fileinfo PECL extension, UNIX file() command, MIME magic, and getimagesize(), in that order
- added support for Flash uploaders
- some bug fixing and error handling

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