class.upload.php version 0.28 released

0.28 I am pleased to announce the release of the version 0.28 of the script class.upload.php. The class is now compatible with PHP 5.3. MIME detection is stronger, and more documented. Safe mode handling has been improved.

Version 0.28 changelog

- replaced ereg functions to be compatible with PHP 5.3
- added flv MIME type
- improved MIME type detection
- added file_name_body_pre to prepend a string to the file name
- added mime_fileinfo, mime_file, mime_magic and mime_getimagesize so that it is possible to deactivate some MIME type checking method
- use exec() rather than shell_exec(), to play better with safe mode
- added some error messages
- fix bug when checking on conditions, processed wasn't propagated properly

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