class.upload.php version 0.30 released

unsharp maskI am pleased to announce the release of the version 0.30 of the script class.upload.php. An unsharp mask has been implemented, transparent watermarks are dealt with better, and it is now possible to resize the watermark depending on the picture.

Version 0.30 changelog

- implemented an unsharp mask, with alpha transparency support, activated if image_unsharp is true. added image_unsharp_amount, image_unsharp_radius, and image_unsharp_threshold
- added text/rtf MIME type, and no_script exception
- corrected bug when no_script is activated and several process() are called
- better error handling for finfo
- display upload_max_filesize information from php.ini in the log
- automatic extension for extension-less images
- fixed image_ratio_fill top and left filling
- fixed alphablending issue when applying a transparent PNG watermark on a transparent PNG
- added image_watermark_no_zoom_in and image_watermark_no_zoom_out to allow the watermark to be resized down (or up) to fit in the image. By default, the watermark may be resized down, but not up.

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