class.upload.php version 0.31 released

transparency.pngI am pleased to announce the release of the version 0.31 of the script class.upload.php. Several transparency options have been added, as well as better handling of dangerous files and extensions.

Version 0.31 changelog

- added application/x-rar MIME type
- make sure exec() and ini_get_all()function are not disabled if we want to use them
- make sure that we don't divide by zero when calculating JPEG size
- allowed and forbidden can now accept strings
- try to guess the file extension from the MIME type if there is no file extension
- better class properties when changing the file extension
- added file_force_extension to allow extension-less files if needed
- better file safe conversion of the filename
- allow shorthand byte values, such as 1K, 2M, 3G for file_max_size and jpeg_size
- added image_opacity to change picture opacity
- added image_border_opacity to allow semi-transparent borders
- added image_frame_opacity to allow semi-transparent frames
- added image_border_transparent to allow borders fading to transparent
- duplicated image_overlay_percent into image_overlay_opacity
- duplicated image_text_percent into image_text_opacity
- duplicated image_text_background_percent into image_text_background_opacity

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