New version 0.21 Release Candidate. Try it out!

I will soon release the version 0.21. You can get the Release Candidate here.

It fixes all the bugs up to date, and brings in a few features. For instance, it is now possible to resize an image, keeping its ratio, in order to have it to fill the specified thumbnail size, by cropping the excedent.

Try it out, test it. If there are no more bugs, I will release it officially.
0.21RC changelog
- added image_ratio_crop which resizes within image_x and image_y, keeping ratio, but filling the space by cropping excedent of image
- added mime_check, which default is true, to set checks against allowed MIME list
- if MIME is empty, the class now triggers an error
- color #000000 is OK for image_text_color, and related text transparency bug fixed
- gd_version() now uses gd_info(), or else phpinfo()
- fixed path issue when the destination path has no trailing slash on Windows systems
- removed inline functions to be fully PHP5 compatible

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