LS themes

warning !

Please note that these themes are out of date. More recent versions of LiteStep and OTS has been released since. Besides, it has been a long time that I use only Linux.

LiteStep theme : JAMM (The Justified and Ancients of Mu Mu) v0.9c

This theme is actually the one I had used the most. I did it one night while listening KLF really loudly. It requires the latest IndieStep distribution to run and an OTS directory structure. The theme is resolution independent (1024>), and multi-monitor compliant. The wallpaper is not included. I've included two matching skins for Winamp and WindowBlinds. All is included a sub-packages in the main zip file.

There is loads of things in it, so have a look, play around with the buttons... Feel free to send me any feedback, questions or bug... this is still a beta version. Mail me at

LiteStep theme : glitz

This theme was my favorite during a long time. It is compatible with most of the distros, but you may need to tweak it a little. It requires the latest distribution to run (currently on a 0.24.6). Current resolution is 1152*864, and system is win2k, but it is easily changeable as the theme is quite minimalist and simple. The wallpaper is not included.

I suggest to use this theme along with WindowsBlind's BlackSteel Feel free to send me any feedback, questions or bug... but I am afraid I won't support this theme anymore.