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Please note that myWebEngine is no longer in developement...

What is myWebEngine?

myWebEngine is what is called a Content Management System, or in other words a tool allowing to manage contents, and present them online. myWebEngine will be Free Software and will be released under the GNU/GPL license. Its features and development choices make myWebEngine a tool dedicated to users with a small PHP knowledge at least (so far).

What can I do with it?

myWebEngine basically allows you to create a website, and manage it easily. You will find inside it an administration (back-end) and a generator (frontend). It includes a lot of features, such as : several languages support, several administration levels, PHP-based templates system, XHTML compliant, statistics, and some modules like a news managment system, or a newsletter system... (check out screenshots below) It uses mod_rewrite to be listed properly in search engines.

What does it make is so unique?

myWebEngine is not like classical CMS such as PHPNuke & co. It is conceived to be fast and robust. It makes it more complicated to set up, but it is far more powerful and flexible. Forget the usual CMS layouts, which look like a news system with loads of boxes on the sides; myWebEngine is a pure CMS in a sense that you can build pages from whatever you want. There is a strong emphasis on design and layout to be able to suit any kind of site.

Where can I get it?

myWebEngine is so far not released, but still stable enough to be used in a few websites already, including this one. I am always working on it, and I am now using a second version, far more powerful and flexible (url rewriting, template decomposition...).

I will add more stuff in this section when I will be able to release myWebEngine as a package. So far, there is no help written down, which makes its use quite complicated. I am working on it. :)

Feel free to send any comment :

Some screenshots from the administration

MWE pages tree

Pages tree. You can from this screen add, delete, modify, hide pages. You can as well reoder them, move them around the tree, etc...

MWE rights admin

Rights admin. Each user belongs to a group. You can specify different rights accross the whole admin for specific groups.

MWE news admin

News admin. An example of module : 'news'. You can see the different steps to publish a news or article. Some users can write, others can validate, and you can be the one publishing, retaining editorial control.

MWE news admin

News admin. Another example of the module 'news'. You can here modify an existing news. Note the language selection, the use of tokens in the text, and the different dates.

MWE languages

Languages. This is the language selection tools. There is two languages set up in this example.

MWE files manager

Files manager. You can easily manage your site's files, add, delete and even modify them online.

MWE statistics

Statistics. myWebEngine includes a powerful statistic tool.