Web Tools

This software is aimed to simplify web host management.
It is released under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE.

warning !

Web Tools is no longer supported by myself, so you won't see any new releases here.

However, Lambertus IJsselstein has taken over the code from version 0.2 to use Web Tools as a configuration interface for the Asus WL-500g(x) router and NSLU2 NAS box (and possibly other devices).

Check out the new site: http://webtools.wl500g.info/.

What is it?

This software is a collection of web host management tools.

It has been designed to remain simple and flexible yet to accept additional features. The system is mainly a structure for plugins. Plugins are very easy to code, and can just be dropped in the plugins directory. You can then instanciate plugins as many times you want.

WT can be used on a Apache server, with PHP4+ and on shared hosting. The design is purely CSS based and allows extensive customization.

This code is rapidly becoming more stable, however documentation has not been completed. WT is already used in critical situations with success.

There are already several plugins. Feel free to contribute...

Easy installation

  • Just untar all the files in this distribution to any directory accessible by the web (for instance wt/)
  • Protect this directory with a .htaccess file for security purposes
  • Point your browser to www.yourdomain.com/wt/
  • Go to the configuration page to begin set up plugins (some plugins are already configured as samples)


WT is aimed to be heavily customized, and its design encourages the creation of new plugins. Please share your code; send me your plugins. You can as well share your design skills and send in your style.php file.

Web Tools is featured on HotScripts. If you like the script, please rate it or write a review for it. You can find it here : http://www.hotscripts.com/Detailed/39271.html