Plugin releases

Below are all the plugins available for Web Tools. Always download the lastest version. The second column indicates which version of Web Tools the plugin is compatible with.

backup  files and directories backup system
This plugin allows you to agglomerate and compress a list of paths and files. A tar file will be created, containing all the specified directories and files, keeping the directory structure. Basically, you can tar some parts of your web tree very easily. 0.2 3 KB 1st Sept 2004 0.1 3 KB 4th Feb 2003
htpwd  .htpassword files management
This plugin allows you you have a list of .htpassword files and to edit them easily. You can add/remove users, change their passwords. You can view the .htpassword file, or just browse it. 0.2 4 KB 1st Sept 2004 0.1 4 KB 4th Feb 2003
quota  displays quota in web space
It determines how big is your webspace, and calculates used and remaining space. 0.2 2 KB 1st Sept 2004
sqldump  performs a database dump
It allows you to dump an entire base into a sql file, and store it onto your webspace. Warning: your sql password will be in plain text in the configuration file. 0.2 3 KB 1st Sept 2004
phpinfo  displays phpinfo()
Display the server phpinfo with a nice layout. Warning: for display purposes, some lines are artificially broken (',' becomes ', '). Not all the versions of PHP have been tested with this module, and it might happen that some phpinfo() will be displayed badly. 0.2 2 KB 1st Sept 2004
editor  simple text editor
You can manage lists of files, and edit each of them. On the edit page, you can delete the file, save it with a different name, perform quick saves. As well, you can automatically create a new file. 0.2 4 KB 1st Sept 2004
config (core)  allows an easy plugins configuration
This plugin is a core plugin. Its purpose is to simplify plugin management. 0.2 3 KB 1st Sept 2004 0.1 3 KB 4th Feb 2003
about (core)  displays information and coyright
This plugin is a core plugin. It just display the classical 'about' informations. 0.2 1 KB 1st Sept 2004