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Ratings on PHP classes

The class is ranking 5th best rated in this month's PHP classes charts. Thanks!

I've been dugg as they say...

I've just noticed that the class upload has been dugg, under the following title:

Well, fell free to digg it more, it can't hurt, can it?

Update: The class has been dugg a second time!

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New version 0.21 Release Candidate. Try it out!

I will soon release the version 0.21. You can get the Release Candidate here.

It fixes all the bugs up to date, and brings in a few features. For instance, it is now possible to resize an image, keeping its ratio, in order to have it to fill the specified thumbnail size, by cropping the excedent.

Try it out, test it. If there are no more bugs, I will release it officially. read more...

Bug with (some versions of) PHP5

Steve discovered a bug which prevents the class to run with some versions of PHP5 (at least 5.0.4. 5.1.2 is not affected). Before I release a new version, you can implement the solution described in this thread.

New forum

I have added a forum  on the site where you can share information about the class.upload.php

class.upload.php 0.20 review

Bartosz Rychlicki has written a nice review (in Polish) of the class.upload.php version 0.20 on his site. Read it here.

class.upload.php version 0.20 released

The version 0.20 has been released. Some image manipulation features have been added, such as cropping, borders, frames, graphic filters, etc... as well as some more comprehensive error messages and file permissions and creation. Check out some samples, the #, the documentation and download it!

Isn't this easy or what ?

Alexandre sends us a link to a nice write-up showing a typical use of the upload class.

class.upload.php version 0.19 released

The version 0.19 is out, with a lot more features. A wide range of image manipulation has been implemented; check out some samples, the #, the documentation and download it!

FAQ is online

I began to write a FAQ page for the class.upload.php. I will add more questions and answers soon.

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